Martin A. Held

M.S. Electrical Engineering 2005
B.S. Physics 2002
B.S. Electircal Enginering 2002
Oregon State University

POE, Sensor intregration
With raindrop professionals, I provide top quality PCB and product design services. Whether you have the entire design in schematic form with all components selected or need the full system design, I can help you get your PCB's made and fabricated. I work with the fabrication houses and mechanical engineers for final production details.

Schematic and layout design
I have the ability to work with you on whatever your design needs are, and whatever your software choices are. I can work with Altium, Eagle, or for those doing Open Source projects, gEDA or kicad.

A 15W, 2-50Mhz, compact portable transceiver
I do RF design and ASIC design, experience with DC to 50GHz, 3D MoM simulations, matching networks, antenna design, and high speed interconnect design.

I have a wide range of embedded systems development experience, from ARM processors to ultra low power MSP430 implementations. I have AVR, PIC experience as well, and can interface any number of analog systems into modern digital systems.

High sensitivity Magnetometers
I do active research and development for market distruptive technologies. Experience with dense BGA design, specialty PCB fabrication, high reliability, and high frequency design. I have additional interests in magnetics and magnetic measurement methods.

I am highly adaptable to customer needs, and can bring in new technology or experience to solve problems.

Capabilities and Experience

BGA, high density and low power design experience

  • Product Design
  • Embedded software - ARM/MSP430/AVR/PIC
  • High Reliabilty Systems
  • RF Design
  • Analog and Digital Circuit design
  • Mixed signal systems
  • C/C++, Java, Perl, VHDL/Verilog
  • Prototyping and Manufacturing
  • Solar systems

12 years cold water diving experience
I provide SCUBA instruction for all levels of recreational diving through Eugene Skin Divers Supply. Nitrox, underwater photography, and other recreational specialities available. Available for CPR/First aid instruction for large groups, both diving and non-diving corporate related classes.